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Sun and sore bums


We payed €4.40 each for breakfast today expecting the usual continental breakfast, but boy were we in for a shock. Instead we got the choice of french stick and jam or cornflakes and orange juice. Milk was put on the table for the cereal so as you do I poured it on, left it a couple of minutes minutes while I made tea and then began eating, only to find the milk was boiling hot and I now had a bowl of warm corn flakes. It wasn't the highlight of my day by far and Len was less than pleased with his 3 pieces of French stick.

It was 28 degrees and we soon laughed off the breakfast and got moving. Today's plan of cycling to find the castles on the Loire Valley failed. However, we cycled round all of Beaugency and by the big bridge here that is really important but I'm not sure of the name. After the Mcdonalds yesterday we thought it best to visit the local "supermarche" and bought food to make a yummy chorizo and tomato pasta dish, we certainly needed a proper meal. After hours of cycling however we are both aching due to the terribly uncomfortable seats on the bikes. It was surprisingly relaxing though because it's so peaceful here. We both really enjoyed the cycling so it was worth the pain and spent an hour relaxing at the end of the day by the bridge. It's brilliant that it's still sunny at 9pm! Bordeaux tomorrow ...

Lennie's input for today: Laurens strict regime of sun cream has left me as pale as I was in England!!!

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Len: it was nice to come from the hustle and bustle of Paris to the small, slow moving town of Beaugency in the Loire Valley. In my minds eye it looked liked a small Spanish town (Lauren buts in- even though Lennie has not been to spain), mainy because of the White gravel pathways and the tiny roads squashed between many houses. When we arrived we quickly got on the wifi and booked Bordeaux for Tuesday and Madrid for Thursday, to stop Lauren from panicking. After yesterday's epic trail for food, we are going to buy our own food from a supermarket tonight to cook as there is a kitchen in the hostel here. We've rented bikes to get around town more easily as we walked just over 5 miles yesterday. The hostel is really nice and because they don't mix genders we've ended up with our own room, which is nice as we don't have people coming in and out all night and early morning. We're going to see the castles of the Loire valley today and then off to Bordeaux tomorrow.

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A quest for food...


As we stared at the long road ahead we knew it would not be easy, roads filled with brasserie's unwilling to cater for our needs. They shall not make us give in! We walked in the swealtering sun, time going past as slow as a tortoise. Tumble weeds rolled past as we continued our quest. Suddenly I see what could be hope, until I realise it was a meer mirage. Saddened by what could have been we trecked further and further until in front of us I make a realisation. There was no mirage, as in front of me stood the golden arches, as bright as the sun, that I knew would complete my quest for food.

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Au revouir Paris


Len: Second full day in Paris has been amazing, we visited Notre Dam first, which is my favourite building in Paris that i've seen in our two days here. The second part of our day started at the Arc de Triumph, we wanted to find the stairs to get to it underground as it was a crazy free for all roundabout, the biggest one I've ever seen. Once in the middle the sheer scale of the art work on it was amazing, so I spent the next 30 minutes taking photos. Then we wander back past the Eiffel Tour for an hour long boat tour which was relaxing in the late day sunshine. We finished off our nice day with a meal not from the golden M, lasagne and a chocolate moose, yum yum! Going to miss Paris, not looking forward to a day on the trains with our backpacks,but hey ho, the Loire Valley looks beautiful to.

Lauren: I have recovered from yesterday! We climbed to the second floor of the Eiffel Tour and I realised how unfit I was. Once there, looking down on Paris was amazing though. We also walkef all around Paris so we were shattered last night. We lit candles for our families in the Notre Dame Cathedral today, it was bazaar that although I'm not religious it still seemed like a meaningful thing to do. I have discovered today that french chips do not like me, (except for mcdonalds), everywhere we go they say no to me having frites. Thanks Mum Mum, the allergy translation cards have been a lifesaver!

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Arrival in Paris


Yesterday, was sunny in Maastricht but gradually got cooler as we went through Belgium and into France. We did an awful lot of travelling as we didnt realise we needed a reservation for a train to Paris and ended up on 5 different trains I think. Perhaps it was a test to see who would snap after travelling all day but we both remained calm luckily.

It was so nice to have our own room last night, I could finally make some mess and have a looong shower. Today has been good so far, we discovered that McDonalds in Paris is a lot nicer than in Amsterdam, (such a healthy breakfast!!!!). Then we headed off to Musee de Louvre which was interesting to look at, inside and out, but definatley needed some English translations. I think were going to jump on le metro now and go up the Eiffel Tower :)

P.s. Its taken me about 3 times longer to type this as French keyboards are very different!!

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