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Madrid recap and Barcelona

sunny 38 °C

Lennie: To be honest, Madrid is by far my favourite city. I loved the bull ring! It had a real sense of pride for its nation, and walking through it I realised how brave you have to be to stand in front of twenty thousand plus people and try and kill a 600kg bull. It makes UFC seem pansy. It was again another hot day with no clouds. I will definatley be visiting Madrid again. But there's one thing I won't be visiting again! Which is an all you can eat buffet that we chose to eat at on the last night. I won't go on about how bad it was but the only reason we got our moneys worth is because we had four desserts each! The quick walk we had through the indoor market was nice. If we'd have had more cash to splash I would definatley have bought some paella, fruit for dessert and dipped a strawberry in a chocolate fountain. Although I did get an orange and pineapple smoothie which was awesome. As I said before I love Madrid, I don't think anywhere but Rome will beat it for me!

My first outlook on Barcelona was a dreary one as on our first metro ride I saw three guys try to bag snatch a lady. Not cool. I then spent the next 30 minutes staring at everyone madly, as if they were going to steal something from me. Then having to wait for over 20 minutes for a guy to take us to the hostel in the 35 degree plus heat made things worse. Once the bags were in the hostel we made our way to Sagrada Familia and then Parc Guell. The views from Park Guell were amazing and completely turned the day around. Pictures will be up as soon as I find a decent wifi for my phone.

Lauren: The hostel here is really bazaar, nothing like the others we've stayed in. Its someones flat that they rent out as a hostel so the interior is lovely, its all really clean and its morealess really quiet. There's a few weird things though that make it like being at home. For example, the computer switches off at 11pm - bedtime!! And you must do your washing up the split second you've eaten or the guy who lives here chaperoning will give you evil eyes!!

We went to Barcelona zoo today, mainly because I saw they had dolphins!! We watched the dolphin and sea lion show and even though the instructors were talking in spanish we still both really enjoyed it. They´re such graceful creatures and we now want to be dolphin trainers. They had an albino gorilla there, the only lowland albino Gorilla ever known of but unfortuantley we didn't get to see it. Still - thats cool! We wandered to Parc de Montjuic after the zoo and took a cable car all the way to the top which gave us an amazing zoo over the sea and all of Barcelona. To get to the cable car it did involve another large installment of walking up hills and I wont lie, I did moan like a five year old! But Lennie was about as scared as a five year old on the cable car so it evens it out. We walked around the Castell de Montjuic which had some nice views and cool gardens. I'm loving Spain, will definatley be sad to leave on Wednesday, but looking forward to a day at one of Europes biggests water parks tomorrow! Love to everyone at home.

P.S. Lennie: I enjoyed the zoo today, but the more zoos I go to the more I realise I don't actually like them. For obvious reasons that animals don't like being kept in cages. Dolphins are cool!

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Day two in Madrid

sunny 39 °C

Another lovely day in Madrid with clear sky and a boiling hot sun. We had a tour of a bull ring and visited a spanish market. All very interesting, going to venture to a park now so will update properly tomorrow :)

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We love Madrid!

sunny 35 °C

After the epicness of yesterday's travelling, we had pur first lay in of the trip today and woke up to a lovely sunny day, about 28 degrees. We started out with very little idea of what we would do today, until we saw a photo on a postcard that drew us in. It was of the Plaza de Castilla, which looked stunning so we decided we had to go and find it. After an hour of walking and the temperature rising to 35 degrees, we found it. Without a cloud in the bright blue sky, we managed to get some great photos.

We then headed back towered the centre of Madrid, via the Real Madrid football club. We stopped off at the Palacio de Cibeles, which had a great view of the city from the top. We decided we deserved a proper meal after walking so far and found a nice restaurant called Block House where we had yummy steak, burgers and prawns. We calculated that we'd walked almost 8 miles today so went and laid in the Parque de El Retiro for an hour.

Madrid is a beautiful city, it's very green, trees everywhere and nearly every roundabout has a monument on it with a water feature, which are all pretty amazing! Looking forward to another day here tomorrow, going to see if we can find a bull fighting ring!

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Spain is beautiful!

sunny 23 °C

We arrived in Madrid just after 11, after going to the wrong train station originally and having to catch one train more than originally planned. After Lennie´s blog entry earlier about what a good team we are, we almost missed our train from Bordeaux to Irun, Spain. After a quick dash and a rip off ten euro cab we made it and funnilly enough the train was late anyway. Everything is open everywhere in Madrid even though its gone twelve!!

Lennie: The train ride in was cool, it went all through the mountains, best scenary I've seen so far on our travels. We even saw some eagles amongst the mountain tops. Even though it was a ten hour journey from Bordeaux, I didn't care as the sights were amazing.

Both looking forward to exploring Madrid, two full days here, can't wait!

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Our own private beach

overcast 25 °C

Lennie: We arrived in Bordeaux late Tuesday night. Lauren spent a good hour and a half researching how to get to Cap Ferret, which is a lovely beach that I discovered. It is quickly becoming apparent that as a team we are unstoppable. With Lauren's research and planning skills along with my navigational skills and common sense, we are over coming every little hurdle, whether it be food, traveller's cheques, directions or rude french people.

Cap Ferret was lovely, it took a 45 minute train journey and a quick ferry to get there. We walked all the way along the coast until we came to a small bay with perfect sand and clear waters. Although the water was cold (Lauren says it was freezing!!!!), I enjoyed relaxing in it and even spotted a flat fish.

Lauren: It was such an amazing place to look at, we didn't feel like we were in France but on one of the Sachel's paradise islands. Even the place we got the ferry from, Arachon, was really nice. Just a laid back seaside town. When we arrived there in the morning I got another round of strawberry pancakes, not as giant as in Amsterdam, but still very nice. I think I'm becoming crépe obsessed!!

We're just about to head off to Madrid, its going to be a long day, 2 hours to Iran in Spain and then another 7 to Madrid. I plan to sleep a lot! Hope everyone is well back home. <3

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